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Welcome to GCC Trade Test Centre

GCC Site Centre is the leading site center of Delhi with the highest space (5500 Square Foot Area with ample parking space) equipped with fully Air Conditioned (A.C) state of the art labs/workshops. We are the market leader in the Asian/Gulf job markets that act as a bridge between employers and job seekers. We provide all the necessary technical infrastructure needed for the interviewer to assess the practical skills of the interviewee to get quality manpower without investing huge time. We also provide short term courses on cutting edge technologies required for the Asian/Gulf job markets. Our highly experienced technical team asses the skills of job seekers and provide appropriate advice that helps them choose the right career they deserve.

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What We Do !

We are a progressive group of people, working together with job seekers and employers to ensure job seekers get the right career they deserve, and employers get the best talent in the industry. Our highly experienced technical team asses the technical skills of job seekers and connect with the right employers in that domain. We also provide state-of-the-art infrastructure- (i) for employers to evaluate the practical skills of the candidates and (ii) for job seekers to develop technical skills needed for the industry through our short term courses on cutting edge technologies.

Countries       10+

All over the world

Years of Experience       12+

We provide quality services

Candidates       1000+

Best recruiter

Clients       500+

All over the world

GCC Trade Test Centre

Our Services


Cut, shape and join sections of metal in a wide range of industries, such as construction and engineering, transport, aerospace, and offshore oil and gas. They also carry out repairs on manufacturing equipment and machinery.

3G Arc Welder

The 3F and 3G refer to vertical fillet and vertical groove positions. When welding vertically, the force of gravity pushes the molten metal downward and so it has the tendency to pile up. you can use either an upward or downhill vertical


A carpenter must level, erect, and install building frameworks by using cranes and rigging hardware. They inspect damaged frameworks and replace them. They use various tools such as measuring tapes, hammers, and power tools.


An electrician reads blueprints that reveal the location of outlets, circuits, and other equipment. He or she uses a variety of tools for the job, such as hand and power tools like conduit benders, wire strippers, and power tools.ammeters or voltmeters.

Electronics Technician

Experience in hardware troubleshooting, repairing and maintenance of CCTV, Biometric Devices, ID Card Printer, Gate Barrier, Turnstiles and etc. Excellent knowledge in installation, configuration of access control, and other ELV systems.

AC Technician

The air conditioning technicians are chargeable for putting in, maintaining, and repairing of air-conditioning. AC technicians can repair, installation, and maintenance of air conditioners in each business and residential .




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